Wednesday, June 22, 2011

nobody blogs any more.

I have just about forgotten I have this thing, and seriously doubt that anyone reads it. Each year I speculate about the upcoming Tour de France, swoon over my favorite cycling hotties, and lament over my own lack or riding or tell tales of recent rides.

It's not that there aren't stories to tell, there absolutely are. I could start with my recent trip to Italy. I was fortunate enough to ride through some of the most beautiful scenery in Tuscany and Umbria. But was it epic? I'm not really sure - I think I'd have to do it again to really determine if it was. Seven days isn't enough riding for me in a place such as Italy.

As always, I need to ride more. During the week I'm lucky to get one ride in which is usually indoors, but it's a good workout that translates directly into riding more efficiently (and racing, if I chose to do that). On weekends, I'm out riding. I've only ridden once solo in the past 2 months, so I'm anxious to do that again soon.

The Tour will be exciting this year. I don't really have any predictions yet but will be watching all of my favorites - the Schlecks, Horner, Levi, Cadel, and all the sprinters. I'm not sure if Tyler Farrar will go. Jonathan Vauaghters had the team narrowed down to 11 but wouldn't say who they were or which 9 will be chosen. The Radio Shack team has already been announced. It should be a great Tour.