Monday, February 28, 2011

Decisions, decisions.

August or September?
2200 people or 250?
Oregon or Idaho?


After doing Cycle Oregon 2 years in a row, I'm used to the training, the routine, the waiting in line. Frustrated by still not quite dialing it in so that I actually have time to relax. Without forking out another $300 for tent & porter for the privilege of sleeping right up against another tent (or 2, or 6), my experience for the most part hss been similar each day, depending on the length of the route. Arrive in camp, search for camping buddies, find bag, lug bag to camping spot. Find $5 to go get a smoothie to enjoy while setting up tent. Set up tent, find clothes, go find shower trucks, shower. Return to camp, usually right about the time people are already lining up for dinner. Eat, then it's close to getting dark. Sleep. Wake up in the dark, begin packing.

I don't know. I've never been to Idaho, closest I've been to setting foot in the state was Spokane, and that was only the airport. I don't like the jerseys, the Cycle Oregon "going coastal" is much better. But - the gang from last year is doing RI vs. CO, not that I can keep up with them while riding, but they were fun to camp with, even on my most cranky day(s).

Any ideas? Anyone?

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Actually rode my bike outdoors yesterday, for the first time since New Year's Day. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Even riding in a group, with frequent stops, my breathless struggling to keep up, and people chattering either behind, in front, or beside me, it was still fun.

I have not even been outside in a while, I remember thinking yesterday as we rode north on Cornelius Shefflin towards our right turn on Wren. I've been spending time inside my house, inside my car, inside my office. But not outside, except to walk to the car, between buildings, or a quick walk to grab some lunch. Outside is where the wind is, carrying smells of fireplaces, burning piles of trash, livestock, some pleasant, some not. But - fresh air! How I have missed it.

And the 2011 racing season has already begun. I have been remiss in recording my all-too-infrequent observations of the latest doping news, the new kit designs, reports of early wins, training camps, and predictions for Paris-Nice, the Giro, and the Tour. But at least I have prepared with my annual ritual of printing my color map of this year's Tour and comparing it with last year's, hanging it up on the wall of my office, and dreaming of July. Please note that I love, LOVE, the new Garmin-Cervelo kits, and do note that I linked that to a page showing Tyler Farrar, one of my favorite sprinters in a victory salute!

So, on to my own plans for 2011. As I sit indoors, staring out at a dry but cloudy Sunday, I'm already dreaming about riding in the sun wearing only short sleeved jerseys and shorts. I was lucky enough to register for Cycle Oregon before it sold out, so I better start training soon. I said last year that I was going to do all different rides this year, yet I've already registered for Tour de Cure and Cycle Oregon, and am planning another ride around Crater Lake in August. In between, though, I hope to do some different rides, because I'll really need to challenge myself to train for Cycle Oregon. Come on, Spring!